Battery Regeneration

Battery Regeneration

Batterie plus is a technology specialized in the regeneration of traction, starting and stationary batteries, AGM batteries, Gel batteries, open lead batteries. Each battery, due to its design, starts to lose its capacity of charge restitution from the first year until its replacement at the end of the fifth year (normal condition of use).

The Battery Plus technology allows you to recover the original characteristics of your batteries and to extend their use.

Economic solution

Batterie Plus brings an economical solution to your energy needs :
. Maintenance and repair of batteries.
. Reconditioning and regeneration of batteries.
. Management and maintenance of batteries.
A fleet of vehicles often represents an important part of a company's costs. The rigorous and pragmatic management of a fleet has a real impact on the economic performance as well as on the satisfaction of the final customer.


The advantages of BRT Regenerators :
- Double the "life" of your batteries
- Recover the original characteristics of your batteries
- Storage and production functions
- Improve their performance
- Increase your productivity
- Shorten your charge cycles
- Reduce your power consumption
- Reduce your electromechanical breakdowns
- Reliable solution for liquid level control.

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