About us

About us

PC PLUS Technology

PC PLUS Technology is a company specialized in the exploitation of new technologies. It has a strength of adaptability resulting from the optimization of its resources and the qualitative performance of its services. This makes PC PLUS Technology a significant player in the New Technologies sector in term of : geolocation (Tracking), internet by satellite (VSAT), battery regeneration (Battery Plus), Sale, installation and maintenance of IT equipment, etc.

We do our utmost to guarantee you the best quality and maximum reliability at the most competitive price. This is why our various products are designed and manufactured by our specific partners. This mastery of our products contributes to the safety of our applications and allows us to make you benefit very quickly from the technical evolutions and ensures you a fast and irreproachable after-sales service.

- Provide our customers with services adapted to their needs and give them access to the latest technology
- Guarantee the security of people, goods and data
- Ensure the deployment of services and the smooth running of activities

- To become a pillar in the promotion and deployment of modern technology to ensure continuous access to our users
- Actively participate in the development plan and growth mechanism of the digital economy by accompanying public and private sector actors

PC PLUS TECHNOLOGY is committed to respect and transparency in its strategic and operational management of its activities.

- EXPERIENCE : our specialists and experts to serve you.
- CONNECTED : real-time monitoring of activities through our satellite coverage.
- INNOVATION : modern technology systems.
- RELIABLE : a secure operating system and data processing.

With PC PLUS TECHNOLOGY, get your quote for free and without obligation in 2 minutes!

Contact us

For any type of request, contact us with details at the addresses below:

  • +225 27 22 22 23 27
  • +225 27 22 22 23 24
  • info@pcplusgroupholding
  • Abidjan, Angré 7 éme tranche
  • 26 BP 1314, ABIDJAN 26

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