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Committed to BUILDING the future with confidence

XCOBAT is an expert in construction, hydroelectric works, rural electrification and road maintenance. This versatility gives our company multidimensional capacities putting XCOBAT as a major actor for the urbanization’s projects initiated by Côte d'Ivoire’s government, but also a reliable partner for the development of private infrastructures.

Missions :
- Support Côte d’Ivoire’s government in its urban development plan
- To assist in the construction of private and public infrastructures in order to participate in the economic growth of the real estate sector

Visions :
- To expand our activities internationally to bring sustainable solutions to our industry
- Transform the real estate sector by making it a pillar of the Ivorian economic growth
- To actively participate in the public infrastructure recovery plan through our expertise and experience

Values :
To achieve its objectives, XCOBAT wants to be a model of rigor as well as a source of inspiration for small companies wishing to develop in the field of Building and Public Works following the example of our activities.

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For any type of request, contact us with details at the addresses below:

  • +225 27 22 22 23 27
  • +225 27 22 22 23 24
  • info@pcplusgroupholding
  • Abidjan, Angré 7 éme tranche
  • 26 BP 1314, ABIDJAN 26

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