About us



SN PC PLUS is a specialist in biomedical equipment sales and maintenance. We offer our clients the best medical and biomedical equipment by providing them with a wide range of cutting-edge medical devices, and tools to strengthen the capacities of the medical sector.

Our aim is to meat each technological challenges and contribute to the development of medicine in sub-saharan Africa countries.


- To provide actors and instutions in the medical and biomedical sector with high-performance tools and equipment.
- To support our customers in strenghening their capacities through our advices and expertise.


- To revolutionize the health sector
- To become the leader in medical and biomedical supplies in Côte d'Ivoire
- To provide access to quality care through the performance of our equipment


Concerned about the well-being of african populations, SN PC PLUS is committed to promote their ethical values and their control policy to guarantee our customers a professional and reliable experience.

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Contact us

For any type of request, contact us with details at the addresses below:

  • +225 27 22 22 23 27
  • +225 27 22 22 23 24
  • info@pcplusgroupholding.com
  • Abidjan, Angré 7 éme tranche
  • 26 BP 1314, ABIDJAN 26

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