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Agrimotors is an agricultural company created and managed by farmers. The company is specialized in the production and marketing of agricultural products in continuous volume on more than 10,000 ha. Since 2016, AGRIMOTORS SA contributes to the development and interests of agriculture and the rural world.

Its vision remains that of building an Ivorian agro-industrial label that is an engine of development and economic growth. Its action is translated through its specialization in the agricultural import-export, the assembly of machines, as well as the installation of solar systems for the irrigation and the fertilization of agricultural lands. AGRIMOTORS SA also considerably invests in the implementation of motorized agricultural services including the provision and development of agricultural land.

From the efficiency to the quality of our proposed services, honorable partners accompany us in our commitment to the sustainable development of the Ivorian agricultural industry.

- FLEXIBILITY : adaptable processes according to the needs.
- RELIABILITY : bound by an obligation of result, we guarantee the effectiveness of our services.
- EXPERIENCE : more than 20 years of expertise and efficiency certified by the quality of our services.
- ADVANCED : we are involved in agricultural research to provide solutions to the climatic challenges that are a real threat to agriculture.

Visions :
- Make Ivory Coast a country turned towards agribusiness by developing its agricultural sector.
- Build an economic development model based on the performance of the farming system.
- Build a better world in which exchanges between actors of the agricultural sector will be equitable and beneficial to all.

Missions :

- Develop the agricultural sector,
- Improve the working conditions of farmers ,
- Satisfy the population with productions that allow to reach food self-sufficiency on a national scale,
- Ensure the good condition of the land and the good functioning of the production processes,
- Face the difficulties linked to unemployment by generating employment,
- Provide tools, products and services adapted to the needs of farmers,
- Make the Ivorian agricultural sector a model of automation of the agricultural production system in the sub-region,
- Boost the agricultural sector in order to optimize food resources and meet the needs of the population.


Emphasize the adaptive and productive capacities of people while respecting ethical and moral standards in agricultural labor.

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For any type of request, contact us with details at the addresses below:

  • +225 27 22 22 23 27
  • +225 27 22 22 23 24
  • info@pcplusgroupholding
  • Abidjan, Angré 7 éme tranche
  • 26 BP 1314, ABIDJAN 26

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